Dear friends! The world is going through times of deep transformation – and so do we. It is time!

We give ourselves fullheartedly into the realization of a big vision: the creation of a healing biotop – in the natural reserve Schorfheide north of Berlin and thus to the creation of a space where healing can happen: healing of our human trauma, healing of love, healing of nature and of the separation between us humans, nature and the devine, a space where we can explore together how living in community with humans and all other beings on the bases of cooperation and trust becomes possible.

Authentic love is dedicated to the healing of love and the transformation of the battel between the genders and thus is one important pilar of the healing biotop. Our retreat place has become the base for authentic loves‘ seminars, retreats and research. If you want to stay informed, please sign up for our newsletter or write an email. We don’t know yet when our energy will flow into the creation of a extensive web-site – right now we are called to other missions.

If you are curious, interested, passionate to explore: we are happy to hear from you! Let us find out how we can be and live the change that we are so much longing for in this suffering world!

Hanna, Bernhard & Crew

Information about our next authentic-love couples retreats:

You can find Hanna’s Video message #FromWomenToMen here, as well as the men’s answer video #The Battle Is Over

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